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TNS RMS East Africa Regional Coordinator Job in Kenya

Category: General Jobs in Kenya
Posted: Mar 24, 2014

The (my) Job: Regional Coordinator

Who I report to: Field Executive / Field Manager

Where the job is based: TNS RMS East Africa
The purpose of the job:
A Field Regional Coordinator will run the day-to-day in field operations for TNS RMS East Africa in the geographical areas assigned. His/her sole purpose is to ensure that projects are completed on deadline (0.5%), within quality standards (4%).
He/ she is responsible for ensuring that his/ her team has sufficient capacity and the right mix of Interviewers to accommodate the variety of projects that TNS RMS cover.

He/ she will be responsible for conducting 10% back checks per Interviewer, per project and he/ she is overall accountable for the quality and integrity of the data of the work submitted by his/ her Team of Interviewers.

He/ she is responsible for ensuring that the company funds are utilised in the correct manner and that any fraudulent activity related to the administration of the questionnaires, sampling or management of the funds is to be reported immediately to the company and dealt with accordingly.
He/ she is responsible for reporting on the status of the projects daily.
A Field Regional Coordinator needs to have strong leadership skills and must know how to handle problems quickly and effectively. In addition, he/ she must have great communication skills across different levels and cultures.
What this job has to deliver:    
Task execution as per objectives set [timings, deadlines, etc]
  • Ensure delivery of project questionnaires/ survey and all related events on deadline. Deadline standard is 0.5% (An example: for 100 questionnaires you can only be late on ½ questionnaires. In summary zero lates are expected).
  • Ensure quality standards are met on all projects. Quality standard is 4%. (An example: for 100 questionnaires you can only have errors/ omissions on 4 questionnaires).
  • Accomplishes standard tasks within team structure to obtain determined outcomes
  • Reports possible problems effectively, to the right stakeholders and takes proactive decisions as opposed to being reactive.
  • Requests technical support / back up / by team members when required. This needs to be conducted proactively to ensure minimal impact on the project, sampling, deadline and quality.
  • Suggests improvements to standard processes. Continuously search for ways to improve, become more efficient and improve Field and overall the company’s performance.
  • Funds per project, ethically managed and controlled, reconciled and expensed on time, fraudulent activities reported and handled accordingly.
  • Management and accountability of the CAPI devices (PDAs, Laptops, Tablets and so forth). Solely responsible for the usage and management of the CAPI devices utilised within his/ her Team. Loss of CAPI devices by a Team Member will see the Regional Coordinator being held completely responsible. IF unable to retrieve the CAPI device in situations of negligence by the Interviewer, the Regional Coordinator will be held liable for the value of the device.
  • Allocation of quotas, as per the sample design, as indicated by the Field Manager/ Field Executive to the Interviewers.
  • Briefing of the Interviewers on each and every project.
  • Debriefing of the PAPI questionnaires and checking their accuracy prior to submission to TNS RMS Head Office.
  • Reconciling the quotas allocated against the sample design to ensure all quotas are achieved as indicated.
  • Training and up skilling of the Interviewer team to ensure that they are high skilled research Interviewers. To happen quarterly.
  • Appraisals of Interviewers to be conducted twice annually (June and Nov).
Team work
  • Manage a team of between 25- 40 interviewers working on multiple projects
  • Support an environment of excellence by ensuring own performance is consistently optimal and deliver extraordinary results
  • Helping with training and development of Interviewers, supported by his/ her Field Executive/ Field Manager.
  • Constructively bring attention to issues of poor performance within team and suggest possible solutions.
  • Performance management of team is expected where required. This is conducted, if required under the supervision and management of his/ her Field Executive/ Field Manager.
  • Is appointed as a Custodian of company equipment and property such as PDAs, Tablets, Laptops and or digital cameras that are assigned to him/ her.
  • Failure to care for company property in the manner required will result in the Regional Coordinator being liable for the value of the company property in question.
  • The same responsibility is extended for his/ her Interviewers and their overall management of company property or equipment.
  • Ability to motivate a team and ensure that delivery of quality standards is achieved on each and every project across all forms of research methodology.
  • Strive to be a person of creativity and innovation, introducing new ideas and ways of being efficient and effective thereby saving the company time and money and improving the environment for Field.
Client Service Team relationship development
  • Seeks to support his/ her Field Executive/ Field Manager in building  productive and beneficial inter-departmental relationships.
  • Interact effectively with individuals from different levels, backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Stand as the frontline representative of the Company in Field. Be professional, courteous, well groomed and informed.
  • Representative of Field and Company with pilots and on the ground Client in field visits. ONLY THE BEST will be accepted.
Key challenges and opportunities
  • Maintains consistency under pressure
  • Shows flexibility and adaptability
  • Works cooperatively with others
The scope of the job:
Financial: None:

Regular contact within department and more specifically with his/ her Field Executive/ Field Manager

Periodic contact with other departments such as client services, project logistics.

The Knowledge and skills needed for success:    

Key knowledge areas and experience:
  • Experience in market research and Fieldwork interviewing and management
  • Quantitative Research Process
  • Project Management
  • Word, Excel, Internet application skills
  • People Management
  • Troubleshooting and Risk Management
Key skills:
  • Team player
  • Communication
  1. Technical – as per job
  2. Detail focused
Applications should be sent to [email protected] no later than Friday 4th April.

All applicant should include the position applied for in the subject of the email.

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