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Technical Assistance to establish the Geographic Information System (GIS) in the ASAL secretariat, Directorate of Arid and Semi Arid Lands

Category: General Jobs in Kenya
Posted: Dec 30, 2013

Republic of Kenya
Ministry of Devolution and Planning
Directorate of Arid and Semi Arid Lands

Technical Assistance to establish the Geographic Information System (GIS) in the ASAL secretariat, Directorate of Arid and Semi Arid Lands


The Ministry of Devolution and Planning through the Directorate of Arid and Semi arid Lands is responsible for leading and coordinating development policy for the ASAL region.

The Ministry has secured a grant from the Royal Embassy of Denmark through DANIDA to fund various projects through the Medium Term ASAL Programme (MTAP Unit), to support ASAL secretariat in the Directorate of Arid and Semi Arid Lands in facilitating accelerated ASAL development.

This accelerated development will be based on sound planning and development management.
Part of these funds will be applied to the development of a GIS system for planning, analysis and monitoring of ASAL development.
The GIS technology will therefore be useful for sharing information and updating in real-time for planning and management purposes. This will also improve decision making for allocation of resources.
It will help improve transparency, identify risk communities and help in management of critical resources of the community, among others.
As part of the development planning and management tool, the Directorate of Arid and Semi Arid Lands therefore requires the services of a Consultant to provide technical assistance to establish the Geographic Information System (GIS) and knowledge management centre in the ASAL secretariat.
The GIS framework will be designed to assist the Directorate to collect, store and analyze various data sources including spatial, economic, environmental and social data.
The overall objective of this consultancy is to assist the Directorate of Arid and Semi arid lands to establish the GIS system, including but not limited to
(i) Establish the GIS platform independently in the Directorate;
(ii) Develop a GIS spatial data infrastructure for storing geospatial and environmental data;
(iii) Establish linkages for operating the GIS and for interacting with the already established asalgis, and
(iv) Improve capacity of Directorate staff to use and manage the GIS.
The consultant will be required to provide the following assistance in setting up the GIS station:
1. Establishing the GIS station infrastructure (servers, workstations, and software are supplied separately); and
2. Training key Ministry and MTAP staff (County Planners) on the use and management of the GIS. (The specific training contents are in the appendix)
3. Convene an inter agency forum of stakeholders (data users and generators who have been engaged in routine data collection and projects implementation and tap into the existing rich supply of socio-economic and natural resource)
4. Collecting spatial data from external agencies and loading into the GIS geo-database. The spatial data layers should also include data on socio-economic conditions (e.g., population density, poverty, and livelihood systems) and existing and planned infrastructure (e.g., roads, ICT, and power).
a) A GIS station installed and operational at Directorate and linked to the asalgis system, with links to other GIS infrastructure such as the Kenya National Spatial Data Infrastructure (KNDSI) where applicable useable for analyzing geospatial and environmental data among others
b) Detailed report of the inter agency forum, resolutions, and a framework for data sharing. Include a list of GIS analyses required for ASAL development.
c) Trained staff at Directorate capable of maintaining and operating the GIS station.
d) List of data collected and loaded into the system plus list of the agencies from which the data has been obtained.
Qualifications Required
The proposed consultants should meet the following criteria.
  • A University degree preferably Advanced University degree (Masters Degree or equivalent) in geographic information systems, or computer science with demonstrated GIS knowledge ;
  • Minimum of 10 years of professional experience on geospatial application development;
  • Knowledge of key GIS software and practical experience in database-system application development and database management is essential;
  • Additional background in GIS software, knowledge of related software systems (Google Earth, Postgre SQL, MS SQL Server and other spatial databases), knowledge on various GIS and related open source tools; knowledge of software development cycle
  • Previous experience in providing training in GIS systems would be welcome.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to communicate with project stakeholders is essential.
  • Client-oriented interpersonal skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural organization;
Mode of Application
Interested consulting firms with relevant qualification and experience are invited to submit their expression of interest (EOI) for this assignment marked “Consultancy Services for the Medium – Term ASAL Programe on Technical Assistance to establish the Geographic Information System (GIS) in the Directorate.” by post, courier or hand delivered in the tender box located on 9th floor Treasury Building Harambee avenue so as to reach him on or before 7th January, 2014 at 1200 hours local time.
Women youth and persons with disabilities are particularly encouraged to apply.
The client will prepare a shortlist of candidates to be issued with Request for Proposal documents.
The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Devolution and Planning
State Department for Devolution
Directorate of Arid and Semi arid Lands
P.O Box 79247-00200
Nairobi – Kenya
Tel: 254-20-244504/2214905
Fax 254-20-2214345
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