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Pig Farm Personnel Job in Lukenya Kenya

Category: General Jobs in Kenya
Posted: Jan 14, 2014

Our client dealing in pig rearing is looking to fill the position of Pig Farm Personnel, who will be located in Lukenya.
Salary: KShs.18,000 – KShs. 25,000
Job Purpose: This position is responsible for distributing food, giving medication, observing animals for signs of illness or injury, maintaining the facility, checking for proper ventilation and temperature conditions, assisting with problem births, performing artificial insemination or other breeding duties, keeping records, and coordinating the disposal of waste.

The job holder may be responsible for marketing animals, transporting stock to other farms or processing plants, and performing routine maintenance on farm equipment.

Key responsibilities
  • Mixes feed and additives and supplements according to dietary requirements of animals
  • Fills feed/water troughs with feeds and water
  • Plant, cultivate, and harvest feed grain for stock and irrigate crops for feeding animals
  • cultivates, sprays, and harvests crops, using variety of tractor-drawn machinery
Cleaning and HealthCare
  • Examines pigs to detect diseases and injuries and treats minor injuries and ailments
  • Disinfects and Vaccinates pigs
  • Engages veterinarian to treat serious illnesses and injuries.
  • Selects and breeds animals according to knowledge of animals, genealogy, characteristics, and offspring desired.
  • Attends to animals during and after birth of offspring
  • Disinfect and fumigates barns, stalls and pens
  • Sterilizes machines and equipment.
  • Ensure cleanliness of the ramps, scales and pens and ensure sawdust and straw are well spread for the animals
  • Grooms, clips, and trims pigs.
  • Marks livestock to identify ownership and grade, using brands, tags, paint, or tattoos.
Maintenance and Repair
  • Maintain breeding, feeding, and cost records
  • Manage and maintain farm implements and mechanical equipment
  • Repairs farm buildings, fences, and other structures
  • Segregates animals according to weight, age, color, and physical condition.
  • Arranges for sale of animals and products.
  • Opens gates and drives livestock to scales, pens, trucks, and holding and delivery
  • Maintains cost and operation records.
  • May butcher animals and cure meat.
  • Inspects stock, buildings, fences, fields, pasturage and feed supply, notes tasks to be done, and assigns them to crews or individual workers.
  • Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in breeding, feeding, herding, marking, and segregating pigs and in construction and repair of fences, pens, and buildings
Minimum Requirements
  • Certificate in Animal Husbandry
  • Experience and proven Record in Pig Farming
  • One must have passion in working with animals
How to apply: If you are interested in the position and have the skills and competencies our client is looking for, upload your CV atwww.dorbe-leitrecruit.co.ke/job/apply/32/ to apply before Close of Business 14th Jan, 2014.
Only successful candidates will be contacted
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