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HelpAge Project Consultant Job in Kenya

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Posted: Jul 4, 2013

HelpAge Project Consultant to Support the Operational Research Component of the Project Job in Kenya

Terms of Reference, for a Consultant to support the Operational Research Component of the Project: ‘Strengthening Social Protection to prevent and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa’

HelpAge International East, West and Central Africa regional office based in Nairobi Kenya, with funding support from Sweden / Norad, seeks a consultant to support the project’s research component under the study topic: Effects of regional and national (Public) policies on vulnerable populations in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The study will cover Sweden/Norad funded project sites in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia.

Project Background

In 2011, HelpAge received funding from Sweden/Norad to implement a three year project, running from 2011- 2013.

The goal of the project is to contribute to universal  access to HIV and AIDS services and Social Protection (SP) mechanisms for vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2013.

The project has four result areas:
  1. Universal access to  HIV and AIDS services and Social Protection Mechanisms for Vulnerable groups is increased
  2. Regional and National level HIV&AIDS  and SP policies and related [policies] plans and budgets increasingly incorporate measures which address the needs of vulnerable groups.
  3. Increased participation of Civil Society organisations in the formulation,  implementation and monitoring of National and Regional HIV and AIDS and Social Protection policies and strategies
  4. Evidence on effective action contributing to the achievement of universal  HIV&AIDS and SP services gathered, documented and shared and acted on among CSOs, Governments and other stake holders
Consultancy Objectives and Scope of Work
This study will generate evidence on the learning and contribute to the project result areas above.
The study seeks to establish the benefits and changes in the lives of vulnerable populations attributable to policy formulation and policy implementation.
The consultant will therefore endeavour to provide evidence/information on the following areas:

a) How policies are formulated in Eastern and Southern Africa/How are the intended beneficiaries involved in Policy formulation?

b) Does enactment of relevant policies translate into improved services for the intended target group?
c) Are policies in Eastern and Southern Africa supported with implementation benchmarks and how and who is involved in policy monitoring?
d) Are policies in Eastern and southern Africa supported by pre-requisite resources and  support structures
e) What has changed as a result of the enactment of these policies in respective project site countries on the intended target groups?

The consultant is required to:

a) Work with HelpAge staff to review and improve on the research question and research design
b) Conduct literature review from HelpAge programme database and other relevant sources
c) Conduct key informant interviews with key resource persons to fill in the gaps in the literature review.
d) Analyse data and write a report


Research study report validated by stakeholders and approved for implementation

Education and Experience:

a) Postgraduate with extensive experience in policy research in Eastern and Southern Africa.
b) Strong knowledge on rights based approaches to programming

Expression of interest

All interested consultants/firms are requested to write an expression of interest by:
a) Explaining their competences to meet the requirements of the assignment
b) Provide a detailed professional budget in USD (Indicate daily professional rates)
c) Provide duration of the assignment and when ready to undertake the assignment.
d) Provide evidence of similar work undertaken in the recent past (Not more than 3 years)
Tax Liability: Settlement of any tax liability arising from this agreement will remain the responsibility of the consultant. The fees will be liable to withholding tax to be remitted to the Kenya government and a receipt will be availed to the consultant
Deadline for application: 25th   July 2013
Please send your application by email to:[email protected] and copy in [email protected]
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