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Consultancy for Baseline and Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Preparation of Tender Documents for Lokamarinyang Self-Help Group Irrigation Project Planning

Category: General Jobs in Kenya
Posted: Mar 19, 2014

Inqury For Bids (IFB): Consultancy for Baseline and Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Preparation of Tender Documents for Lokamarinyang Self-Help Group Irrigation Project Planning
Background: Lokamarinyang Self Help Group has received a planning grant from the United States African Development Foundation (USADF) towards its Irrigation planning this has necessitated Lokamarinyang Self Help Group to seek Inquiry for Bids from reputable consultancy firms  to provide the technical assistance in baselines formulation, feasibility, detailed irrigation system design and preparation of a tender document.

The purpose of this project is to help Lokamarinyang Self Help Group identify most appropriate irrigation technology for Food production in arid condition such as of Turkana County.

This deems to development of Irrigation enterprise for the vulnerable groups as income generation project for improvement of economic-socio status.

Lokamarinyang Self Help Group, now request for technical and financial proposals from eligible and qualified consultancy firms to assist in planning and designing suitable Irrigation system .

The scope of services will include but not limited to:
  • Carrying out hydrogeological to assess the water source availability and map the recommended drilling sites and Preparation of hydrogeological report.
  • Assess the current and proposed sites for irrigated plots to determine the type of soil and the corresponding high value crops that can do well on the land;
  • Assess the local markets to determine the met and unmet market demand for a variety of  crops and market prices;
  • Prepare Bill of Quantities(BOQ) and cost proposals for the various irrigation technologies applicable;
  • Undertake feasibility and baseline studies;
  • Undertake topographic and profile surveys;
  • Undertake baseline and Environment Impact assessments;
  • Carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment of site and Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report including a soil conservation plan.
  • Select the best irrigation technology and irrigation design.
  • Complete an application package including a completed application form, including a budget and budget narrative, market analysis, irrigation technology analysis, financial analysis work plan detailing all activities to be implemented to set-up the irrigation scheme and a production and an operations plan;
  • Carry out surveying and mapping of farming site (30 acres).

The consultant will deliver to LOKAMARINYANG SELF HELP GROUP the following products:

  • Report on the different possible irrigation technologies, at least 3, that the scheme can use for improved productivity with recommendation of the most appropriate option.
  • Detailed topographical and profile survey and feasibility study report of the areas recommended for rehabilitation and expansion;
  • Baseline and Environmental impact assessment report (EIA) admissible by NEMA ;
  • Baseline and hydrogeological assessment report admissible by WARMA;
  • Report on Baseline assessment surveys on market analysis;
  • Detailed engineering design and drawings for the recommended irrigation technologies;
  • Detailed Bills of Quantities and Cost estimates;
  • Detailed soil conservation plan;
  • Tender Documents; and
  • A completed ADF Application Form and budgets for funding ;
  • Final report at least Four (4) hard copies and in electronic to LOKAMARINYANG SELF HELP GROUP.
Technical and Financial Proposals:

Consultancy Firms are advised to send separate technical and financial proposals (currency; Kenya shillings) for this assignment. Consultancy firms may associate to enhance their qualifications where possible. Consultants not disclosing full information in the proposals will be considered non-responsive and their proposals rejected.

Consultancy firms must provide detailed CVs of all technical team members to undertake specific elements of the assignment with a confirmation that they will not change those individuals unless with prior written consent of LOKAMARINYANG SELF HELP GROUP.
Evaluation Documents: Management Consultancy Firms should submit copies of the following documents which shall be used as criteria for evaluation:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Permit
  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • Tax Compliance Certificate.
  • National  Construction Authority Registration Certificate
  • Evidence of previous consultancy work of similar nature and magnitude, full address and contact of persons of major clients served with similar works,
  • accreditation/affiliation certificate, qualification and experience of key staff (attach curriculum vitae) and
  • Evidence of capability to undertake the assignment.
  • Technical and Financial Proposals (Quotations) must be delivered via email to the address below not later than 1700 hours on 31st  March, 2014.
Early submissions of proposals is highly encouraged.

The Board Chairman/Procurement Committee
Lokamarinyang Self Help Group)
P.O. Box 1-30500 Lokitaung, Kenya.
E mail: [email protected]

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